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3 reasons to use a community engagement app


The community app created by Future Dialog is in use in six Estonian municipalities and ten Finnish organisations. We put together three reasons why using a mobile application to enliven the community’s engagement should be your next step. It is evident that the development of communication platforms also affects how communities interact with governments. Now more than ever, these dialogues need to be empowering.

1. With Future Dialog, you are a responsive partner to your community – you get to know your community members on a secure platform that helps avoid false information and fake news. You will discover the needs of your residents and get the necessary feedback to plan further activities.

2. Future Dialog allows you to be a proactive partner for your community – share essential and exciting news based on the input from the app that interests your community the most. This will increase the credibility and commitment of residents. You have instant feedback at your fingertips and the opportunity to start a dialogue with your community members at any time and place. The Future Dialog community application is also a big help in times of crisis.

3. With Future Dialog, you are an interactive partner in your community – surveys, events calendar, content cards, push notifications, intelligent analytics, and gamification bring community members closer to you.
Surveys show that residents are interested in discussing social (and political) issues with local authorities and other community members. There is no reason to doubt that local governments must also keep up with the development of communication technology. An attractive, inspiring, and helpful dialogue for both parties is the most valuable social capital. Future Dialog started with the creators’ own need to be better informed about what’s going on in their community. It was evident that there was a lack of a channel where residents could quickly get the information they needed and be involved in community decisions.

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