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10 benefits of using community apps for municipalities and communities

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Local government has the greatest supporting role in increasing the engagement of communities and in the emergence and development of co-operation events, citizens’ initiatives, and other forms of co-operation. Recent research, however, shows that local governments are often not accessible and flexible partners to communities. We have written down 10 ways how community engagement apps give an advantage to both communities and local governments.

The current State of Estonian Communities survey revealed that the quality of communication with the local government is not very high among communities. The co-operation of the local government with the communities generally meant dealing with funding issues. 70% of the participants in the study named funding as the predominant form of co-operation with the local government. Participation in activities was significantly more modest, and only 48% of the communities say that they were involved in the development plans and decision-making. Talking about funding is a good start to form a relationship, but if the aim is to replace the delegation model with a partnership model, funding issues should not remain the only reason for communication.

Future Dialog community app helps bring all the important issues for both communities and local governments to one platform and creates a lively dialogue where both parties can present their ideas.

Benefits for municipalities

  • Reach your audience 24/7 
  • React fast in crisis and get feedback instantaneously
  • Powerful analytics and targeting
  • An app that looks just like you want
  • Quick and scalable setup, full technical maintenance
  • Communicate faster and collaborate with ease

Benefits for communities

  • Most important information is delivered straight to their phones via push notifications. 
  • Open forum to share their feedback and ideas anytime & anywhere
  • Community event reminders with up to date event schedules
  • Content based on personal interests

Check out what our app is capable of and contact us to discuss how it can contribute to the nurturing of your community.

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