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Why are community apps better for municipality communication than social media?


Most municipalities today run their communication with community members on Facebook groups or pages in addition to their homepage. However, they can never be sure if they have reached the right people. Is this a flexible channel for the local government? Does the local government have control over the content shared there? Can all members of the community express their opinion there? Does the information you share reach your community at all, or do advertisements and other noise bury it? What happens if, at some point, Facebook should close your page or group? And more over does social media allow you to analyze who your audience is?

You have probably thought about these issues sooner or later and considered alternative platforms. This is where the community app comes in handy. Unlike your website, the app allows residents to receive information, leave feedback, and express their opinions. The community app puts you in charge and will enable you to highlight the most important news and information with push notifications and no advertising noise. Let’s compare the different possibilities between community apps and social media.

Official and controlled channelOwned by Facebook, could be shut down at any moment
News and information controlled by youFake news, no authentication from content creators
Operative crises managementMassive information flow where topics get lost in the noise
White label/fully customizableCan’t be customized
Easy to moderateHard to find important topics and conversations, algorithms dictate who sees what
No emotional discussionsHeated comment sections that lose sight of the key issues
Push notifications on relevant newsToo many unimportant notifications
No distractions with irrelevant contentUpdates from friends, cat videos, and other distracting content
No advertisementsAnnoying advertisements

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