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Modern day Citizen engagement – Elva Vald


Elva Vald is a rural municipality in southern Estonia with a population of about 14 500  people. It was created in 2017 in the process of administrative reform and inclused former Elva City, Konguta, Palupera, Puhja, Rannu and Rõngu municipalities and also a part of Puka municipality. The merger set also high demand for continuous stakeholder engagement.

We had a chance to interview Kertu Vuks and Merilyn Säde from Elva Vald and to learn from their experiences from exercising citizen engagement.

When Elva Vald is trying to connect with its citizens and to understand their preferences, what are the biggest challenges? 

The biggest challenge is to get people to express their opinion in a constructive way. Citizens’ feedback can be very often too superficial and it’s difficult to understand their real needs about some issues. Also, it is quite difficult to get people to participate in different polls/questionnaires,because usually it takes a lot of time and their effort and people’s lives are already busy as it is. Elva vald’s application gives us an opportunity to ask people’s opinions on different subjects by asking one question at the time – we believe that this is an easier and quicker way for citizens to give feedback and it’s a good way for us to involve citizens more and more.

What kind of expectations do you have for the application, what are the objectives set for it?

For Elva vald’s application we see quicker and easier way to ask citizens about their preferences and their opinions. It gives us a better opportunity to ask citizens some questions more frequently, we believe it is also easier and quicker for citizens too. Also we would like to use the app as a data collecting channel for our regular public services satisfaction survey.

How will Elva Vald react to the feed back collected with the application?

We are already using this data to analyze our services. It also gives us a better opportunity to understand our citizens and their need for different information etc. Collecting feedback through application is so easy and you can see the results in the managing page. You can also collect that data and use it in different programs – so it gives you a variety of ways to use this data.

Our kind thanks for Kertu and Merilyn for sharing their experiences!

You can also download Elva Vald app from Google Play and AppStore.

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